The Mozambique NCDI Poverty Commission is led by Lancet Commission Co-Chair Dr. Ana Olga Mocumbi. The Commission is currently piloting a study investigating the establishment of a low cost and scalable NCD and socioeconomic data collection tool. This assessment aims to support understanding of the relationship between of the NCDI disease burden, socioeconomic indicators, and care-seeking behavior patterns among the impoverish in Mozambique.

Commission Chair


Ana Olga Mocumbi (MD, PhD) is a Senior Researcher and the Head of the Division of Chronic and Non-communicable Diseases at the National Health Institute in Mozambique and a Professor of Clinical Cardiology at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM).

Prof. Mocumbi received her M.D. from Eduardo Mondlane University in 1993 and became the provincial director of the department of health of the Sofala province in Mozambique. In 1997, she initiated her residency in Mozambique, at the Maputo Central Hospital to specialize in cardiology, and at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in France to specialize in Pediatric Cardiology. She terminated both in 2000.

Dr. Mocumbi engaged on the academic world, after her residency, in Mozambique at UEM and in England at Imperial College London. The latter was the institution she obtained her PHD from in 2008.

She works currently as, and has been actively involved in epidemiological and clinical research into neglected cardiovascular diseases, training of health professionals and medical care. Meanwhile, from 2001 to 2011 Dr. Mocumbi was the director of Research at the Heart Institute in Maputo and a consultant to the Ministry of Health where she participated in designing curricula, as well as writing and reviewing manuals for use by health workers in Mozambique.

Professor Mocumbi has been author of more than 50 publications in international indexed scientific journals and is the Editor-in-Chief of official scientific journal of the National Health Institute in Mozambique (Revista Moçambicana de Ciências de Saúde).


Carlos Arnaldo - Centre for African Studies

Carla Carrilho - Maputo Central Hospital

Matchecane Cossa - Ministry of Health, Mozambique

Humberto Cossa - World Bank

Antonio Franco - World Bank

Marcela Libombo - National Institute of Education & Development

Gertrudes Machatine - Ministry of Health Economics, Mozambique

Humberto Munquinque - University Eduardo Mondlane

Sam Patel - National Referral Hospital

Antonio Prista - Pedagogic University Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

Patrícia Silva - National Cancer Association

Edith Thuzine - Ministry of Health, Mozambique

Fernando Vaz - Nurses & Allied Professionals Health Institute, Ministry of Health


Nicole Mocumbi - Commission Assistant