Said Habib Arwal - Director of NCDIs, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)


Bashir Noormal - General Director, General Directorate of Afghan National Public Health Institute, MoPH


Afghanistan NCDI Poverty Commission

Maihan Abdullah - National Cancer Control Program, MoPH

Homa Aksir - Training Director, Malalai Maternity Hospital

Ahmad Ali Momand - Organization for Research and Community Development

Palwasha Anwari - Advisor, Canadian Embassy

Alim Atarud - Deputy Program Manager, United Nations Development Program

Dr. Aziza - World Health Organization

Said Eftekher Sadat - Surveillance Director, General Directorate of Evaluation and Health System Information, MoPH

Farhad Farewar - Acting Director, Health Economics and Financing Directorate, MoPH

Hamyoun Gerdiwal - Board Member, Khatiz Public Health Association

S. Qamruddin Hafiz - General Director, General Directorate of Preventative Care Medicine, MoPH

Aman Iqbal - Master Trainer, Afghanistan National Public Health Institute, MoPH

Khwaja Mir Islam Saeed - Director, Grant and Contract Management Unit, MoPH

Shams Murad - NCDI/Tobacco Control Unit, MoPH

Abdullah Noorzai - Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister for Policy & Planning, MoPH

Abdul Qadir Qadir - General Director, General Directorate of Policy & Planning, MoPH

Dr. Rangina - Breast Cancer Unit, MoPH

Nasratullah Rasa - Board Member, Afghanistan National Public Health Association

Dr. Rasuli - Central Hospital, MoPH

Musa Shokor - NCDI and Cancer Unit, MoPH


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