The Malawi NCDI Poverty Commission officially published and launched its national report on 21 August 2018. To read the full report, click here.


The Malawi NCDI Poverty Commission is co-chaired by Dr. Jones Kaponda Masiye (Ministry of Health, Malawi) and Dr. Emily Wroe (Partners In Health), and comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Health and supporting partners. Expert Commissioners hail from the Malawi National NCD and Mental Health Unit, Kamuzu Central Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Mzuzu Central Hospital, University of Malawi - College of Medicine, Partners In Health, Dignitas International, MEIRU, Lighthouse Trust, and Baobab Health Trust.

The Commission met for the second time in Lilongwe on the 21st of February to discuss data analysis progress and set priority NCDI conditions. The meeting was broken into two workshops.  In the first, Commissioners worked on determining a list of priority conditions based on Global Burden of Disease data and considering different metrics of burden and severity of disease and poverty. Commissioners then met in small groups and discussed the role of the identified conditions in the Malawian context. The second workshop focused on determining effective interventions known in Malawi or elsewhere that tackled these conditions. Moving forward, the Commission will finalize a list of priority conditions and interventions. Next steps will be to collect financial data on these interventions so that the Commission can advocate for priority interventions.

Commission Co-Chairs


Jones Kaponda Masiye (MPH, MD)

Dr. Jones Masiye is a medical doctor and trained public health scientist specialized in health education and promotion. He is currently the Deputy Director of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Clinical services for the Ministry of Health, Malawi. Dr. Masiye also serves as Project Manager for the World Diabetes Foundation’s Diabetes and Hypertension Control Project in Malawi.  In both positions Dr. Masiye works with communities to educate patients on the risks and dangers of NCDs and improve the capacity of community health workers. Dr. Masiye is also the treasurer of the Medical Doctors Union of Malawi. Previously, Dr. Masiye has held positions as a District Medical Officer of the Dowa District Council and a District Health officer of the Neno District Council. 


Emily Wroe (MPH, MD)

Dr. Emily Wroe is the Chief Medical Officer for Partners In Health (PIH) in Malawi. Dr. Wroe received her MD from Harvard Medical School in 2010, and her MPH from Harvard School of Public Health in 2015. She then completed the Doris and Howard Hiatt Residency in Global Health Equity (GHE) and Internal Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. In her current role she works closely with the Ministry of Health and the PIH team to strengthen healthcare delivery in the rural district of Neno and support medical education and research. Recently, she has led the team to redesign the HIV care delivery platform into an integrated approach including all chronic conditions, launch new community initiatives aimed at disease screening in remote areas, and implemented a mentorship program for clinical staff. Her academic interests center around implementation and evaluation of health delivery systems that are innovative and community-based.


Alemayehu Ambersir - Epidemiologist, Dignitas International

Grace Banda - Emergency Medicine Specialist, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital

Josh Berman - Research & Knowledge Translation Manager, Dignitas International

Sosten Chilumpha - Independent Consultant

John Chipolobwe - Physician, Mzuzu Central Hospital

Lilian Chunda - Head of the Medical Department, Kamuzu Central Hospital

Mia Crampin - Director, MEIRU

Katie Cundale - Research Fellow, Partners In Health Malawi

Luckson Dullie - Executive Director, Malawi, Partners In Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo

Beth Dunbar - Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Partners In Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo

Satish Gopal - Cancer Program Director, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital/ UNC Project-Malawi

Noel Kasomekera - NCD Technical Assistant, Ministry of Health, Malawi/Partners In Health

Chawanangwa Lupafya - Product Manager, Baobab Health Trust

Ronald Manjomo - Monitoring, Evaluation & Research, Baobab Health Trust

Leo Masamba - Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital

Jones Masiye - Ministry of Health, Malawi

Adamson Muula - Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, College of Medicine - University of Malawi

Beatrice Mwagomba - Medical Director, Lighthouse Trust

Dan Namarika - Secretary for Health, Ministry of Health

Dominic Nkhoma - Chief of Planning, Ministry of Health

Moffat Nyirenda - NCD Theme Lead, MRC-UVRI Uganda

Colin Pfaff - District Medical Director, Dignitas International

Sam Phiri - Director, Lighthouse Trust

Michael Udedi - Assistant Director of NCDs and Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Malawi